Bulletin Board

Welcome to the HOA-QDP 'Bulletin Board'.

To connect, please click here: https://groups.google.com/g/hoa-qdp-bulletin-board

The Bulletin Board opens in a new window, so you can also remain connected to this website.

The purpose of this Bulletin Board is to allow members of the House Owners Association to exchange ideas and information that may be of interest to other members.

Since August 2014 this Bulletin Board, hosted by Google Groups, has replaced the previous Forum.

The Bulletin Board is accessible to Members only, there is no longer any Public access.

Any Members who do not already have access are invited to submit their e-mail address to the Secretary.

The use of e-mail helps to keep the Association's costs as low as possible.

Your e-mail address will not be visible to other Members, it is confidential to the Board.

Please change your 'display name' (via 'My settings', top right) to begin with your House number, e.g.

  • 28A-Alan

  • C62-Bas

  • 114-Piet

so that other Members can know your location and what kind of house you have.

You can choose whether or not you wish to be notified whenever there are new postings

(this is a new feature as from August 2014).