Funding and History

The House Owners Association is funded by an annual subscription, euros 45, which has remained unchanged for many years.

Our previous funding, by deduction of a small percentage of Owners' rental incomes, has been suspended since 1999, as our costs have declined, thanks to the largely harmonious relationships now in force; whereas in 1993/4, the Association directly secured Esc 20,5 million (=euros 102,250) of funds on its members' behalf, following the bankruptcy of the the previous management company.

Up until 2008, the Association held its annual meetings in the Netherlands and/or the UK. The Association also facilitated formal meetings at Quinta do Paraiso in each November, 1994, 1995 and 1997, in accordance with the Portuguese law concerning 'aldeamenta turistica'. More recently, it has been clarified that this legal status does not apply to Quinta do Paraiso: during the 2000 decade, a constitutive title for 'touristic apartments' was being considered; but following the change in law in 2008, the current legal status was agreed (see ‘Home’ page).

In April 2010 the Boardmembers of the House Owners Association strongly resisted proposals made by the incumbent Management of Quinta do Paraiso to significantly vary the current Management Contract at very short notice. Negotiated changes were subsequently agreed to take effect from November 2010.

In 2013 it was agreed to move from pro-rated to negotiated Central Facilities charges.

Following the acquisition of Quinta do Paraiso by Carvoeiro Clube in 2016, as from July 2017 the relationship between the House Owners Association and the incumbent Management was reviewed, leading to a new written Agreement signed on 3rd April 2020.